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Community Service/Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer on City Boards and Commissions:
The City is currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

     -Museum Board: serve at least a two year term. 
     -Board of Adjustment (5) - Five year term 

Website Enhancement Advisory Group

The City is looking for volunteers with experience in website design and functionality to provide input on the website enhancement project.  The goal of the project is to improve the following aspects of the website:

1. The overall design, look, and feel of the site.
2. Improved mobile device compatibility of site content and functions.
3. Improved communication methods with citizens (e.g. text/email alert subscription, fix-it request, etc.) via the website.
4. Improved navigation and information finding.
5. Improved online form processing and document management.
6. Improved content management system for City staff.
7. Integration with other City communication methods, such as social media and newsletter.

Website volunteers will be asked to provide advice to City staff on the following:

1. Creating an outline of specific improvements to be made to the website.
2. Best practices in website architecture and structure.
3. Best integration methods of external and internal plug-ins, interfaces, and data.
4. Provide periodic review and comment on the new website during construction.
5. Review and provide input on proposal(s) from web design companies who may be selected to implement the improvements.
6. Other related site improvement issues.

Over the course of the next 3-6 months, is anticipated that in-person group meetings will be held from time to time, however some of the work can be handled via virtual meetings or other online communication.

The City invites all those interested in serving in these positions to apply by submitting a letter or an email ( to Shauna Greer, HR Specialist. 

Volunteer for City Projects

The City often has various assorted projects that can be completed by volunteer service.

For information on available projects, please contact Event Coordinator, Tess Jones at 801-614-9655 or email
Please include:  Contact information, Number of volunteers participating, Length and time frame of when the project will start and end.

If you are looking for a Boy Scout Eagle project, it is recommended that you have a service project idea in mind before contacting the City. It is the not the City's responsibility to plan eagle scout projects, but would be happy to assist if the scout proposes a project that would be beneficial to the community.