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The Syracuse ISLAND

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Syracuse City is building a specially designed, nature inspired, all-abilities interactive water feature called the Syracuse "I.S.L.A.N.D"  (Interactive Splash Lovers All-abilities Native Destination) located next Chloe's Sunshine Playround, at Centennial Park. See the video here.

Features will include:

  • Waterfalls/Canyons
  • Waterjets/geysers
  • Shade Structures
  • Branching Streams
  • Fountains
  • Enclosed area for ground seating
  • Multiple Pavilions and Picnic Areas & restrooms


Other amenities adjacent to the park are the North Davis Library, Syracuse Museum, and the Syracuse Community Center. The Syracuse I.S.L.A.N.D. has been made possible, in part, by impact fees, the City RAP tax, and donations.  And to fully realize the park’s exciting design, including additional shade structures on the play area, we are offering sponsorships to the Syracuse I.S.L.A.N.D. A one-time investment that will pay dividends in summer fun for years to come!!!


Syracuse City would like to recognize local businesses and individuals that would like to sponsor the I.S.L.A.N.D. With your sponsorship, your name/business name will be incorporated into the landscape of the Syracuse I.S.L.A.N.D. pavilion. Sponsorship levels are as follows:


  • Basic Sponsor- $25 or $50 - no names, just helping out.
  • Buffalo club sponsor- $150- small animal design with name/business name listed.
  • Antelope club sponsor- $500-small animal design with name/business name listed.
  • Big Horn club sponsor- $1,000-large animal design with name/business name listed.
  • Owl club sponsor- $5,000-large animal design with name/business name listed.
  • Eagle club sponsor– Champion Level Contributor- Single animal design with nambe/business name in large font.



If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact Kresta Robinson @ 801-614-9654, or email her at at Syracuse Parks and Recreation, or donate online by following this link.  


Check out the video to see the design and layout of the Syracuse I.S.L.A.N.D.


Thank you, in advance for your interest in the Syracuse I.S.L.A.N.D. It will be a great place for family fun!